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The Shop is open Tuesday – Sat 10am – 5pm and closed on occasion during these hours. You may reach us via phone at 405-282-6646 or  email at fiddleshop@doublestop.com

Music Hall Tickets can be reserved by calling in advance. Contact us during the shop hours to make sure you have place for our next show.

Instructional Video for fiddle, mandolin and guitar are also available here at the shop.

Byron Berline is a  National Fiddle Champion who turned to a musical career after earning a B. A. in Physical Education at the University of Oklahoma. Originally from Oklahoma where he began playing the fiddle at age 5, Byron lived and worked in Los Angeles for 26 years before returning to his home state in 1995.

Byron’s professional career reads like Who’s Who
in the music business as he has performed with or recorded with so many notables. He has led or been a member of the following bands : Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, 1966 – 67; Dillard & Clark, 1969-1970; Dillard Expedition, 1970-71; Country Gazette, 1971-75; Sundance, 1975-85; Berline, Crary & Hickman, 1978-90; L. A. Fiddle Band, 1978-93; California, 1990-96; Byron Berline Band, 1996- Present… Read More